10 Surprising Benefits of Investing in Cashmere Clothing

Why Kim Kardashian Lined Her $150M Private Jet in Cashmere Fabric

gulfstream jet interior with recliner chairs and a dining table A Standard G650ER/Image: Gulfstream


Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are increasingly using cashmere in their fashion and home design.

In 2022, Kim bought her very own Gulfstream Jet, and she decked out the interior seats, headrests, ceilings, and overhead baggage compartments entirely in cashmere. Now, that’s living.

Here’s 10 reasons why cashmere was a great choice for nearly every surface of her private plane.

1. Durability

It’s built to last. High grade cashmere is more durable than you think. Real, Grade AAA 100% cashmere is better at retaining its shape, even after years of wear. This makes it one of the biggest trends in slow fashion. Slow fashion practices, like those implemented by our cashmere farmers and weavers, focus on timeless, high quality production that is beneficial for humans, animals, and the environment.

2. Versatility

Cashmere is one of the most versatile fabrics in our wardrobe. So versatile, that those who can afford it are lining everything in it! That’s because real, high grade cashmere is an extremely fine, but also very durable fiber. That means it has lightweight, soft properties that are not available in any other fabrics in existences. It’s why we refer to cashmere as “The DIAMOND Fiber.”
And the highest-grade cashmere will feel the softest. Not only that. Since it’s so fine, it can be worn in the spring and even summer!

Cashmere is not just reserved for cold weather. Lighter scarves available in playful colors make it useful and stylish in many seasons

3. Luxurious Style

that’s why celebrities love it. Unmatched comfort and elegance. Pure and indisputable style. When you walk in a room wearing cashmere, people will notice. They will probably compliment you on the look, or if they’re lucky enough to touch, they’ll compliment the softness. Even if it goes unsaid, it won’t go unnoticed when they treat you with respect.

4. Incredibly warm

Cashmere is a natural fiber that does the tough job of keeping animals warm in extreme conditions. Cashmere is combed from the undercoat of Himalayan goats who live in extreme cold conditions. Think of mountains like Mt. Everest. That’s where these goats live. It doesn’t get a whole lot colder than that, which is why you won’t get anything much warmer than cashmere.

5. No pilling

Only the highest quality cashmere can ensure your investment does not wear down and start pilling. There are cheap cashmeres being sold, most of which do not meet our standard or 15 microns in diameter. Those are a lower grade cashmere than what we rely on, and risks pilling and deteriorating over time.
By investing in real, 100% Grade AAA cashmere that’s certified and made the traditional way, you’ll know you have a piece of clothing that will last, look better, and even grow softer over time.
Don’t risk it with the cheap cashmeres on the market. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and it’s going to cost you in the long run if it starter piling. We also recommend hand washing with baby shampoo to extend the life and condition of your precious cashmere clothing.

6. Health benefits 

cashmere contributes to great skin health, regulates body temperature, enhances sleep quality, and more.
When you consider the fact that cashmere is so soft, it’s not surprising that it is good for your skin! It’s extremely gentle, making it the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.
It’s also highly insulating… I think we’ve mentioned the goats living in extreme conditions by now… but it turns out that the insulating properties of cashmere can help us to regulate our body temperature. That can be beneficial in reducing inflammation, or reducing pain from conditions such as arthritis.
There are too many surprising benefits of cashmere for sleep. As we mentioned, it’s insulating, but it’s also breathable enough to prevent overheating. Further natural cashmere fibers wick away moisture from the body, which keeps us dry and comfortable while sound asleep.
That’s why one of our favorite products is cashmere blankets. Unfortunately, we’ve had to temporarily discontinue our cashmere blanket offering, but if you’re interested in a custom order or want to know what cashmere blankets we can offer, please email us at service@imperialcashmere.com

7. Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic

Would you believe that cashmere is naturally anti-bacterial, which prevents bacteria from growing on it? Without getting too science, this rare fiber comes naturally coated in a microscopic layer of wax, which prevents growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

Similar waxy coatings on normal wool and merino include a substance called “Lanolin” oil, which causes other wools to be itchier than cashmere.

Since cashmere does not contain lanolin, it is a hypoallergenic option available for anyone who likes woolens but dislikes the potential itch that comes from lower quality wools, and even merinos.

8. Odor Resistant

Thanks to a few of the benefits previously mentioned, cashmere is also very odor resistant, which means it can be worn more without needing to be laundered as frequently as other clothing and materials

9. Stress Reduction

The soft, cozy sensation of cashmere against your skin can have a soothing, stress-reducing effect. It’s like wearing a warm hug, and studies have shown wearing cashmere encourages relaxation, potentially reducing cortisol levels associated with stress. Isn’t it great that with cashmere not only will you look great… You’ll actually FEEL better

10. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Cashmere benefits the environment in several ways. It's a natural, renewable material sourced from goats.

These goats graze on native plants, which helps keep their habitats in ecological balance. Moreover, the production of cashmere creates far less carbon emissions than making synthetic fibers.

When you opt for cashmere, you're not just indulging yourself; you're also making an environmentally friendly decision.


When you consider these 10 hidden benefits of cashmere, it’s clear why Kim Kardashian is addicted to this fabric for the interior of her jet, her home, and her clothing lineup. She spares no expense in selecting only the finest for herself and her loved ones. And you really can’t go wrong with cashmere when we take into account all these benefits.

We truly believe cashmere in the King of the Fine Fibers. In our next post, we’ll address the question, “Why is cashmere so expensive,” and give you a look into not only the benefits of this diamond fiber, but the unique sourcing and production processes that are a part of creating good cashmere and delivering it straight to your door.

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