House of Imperial cashmere is a Virtuous Brand

At Imperial Cashmere, we thrive to make the world a better place. This is the Founding Principal of Imperial Cashmere.

Imperial Cashmere - Standing for the voiceless animals

When we say making the world a better place, we don't just mean for us humans. You see, to make the BEST cashmere, even our cashmere goats must be kept in excellent condition, so that they produce the finest fibers that we then make into yarns. So naturally, the goats are treated quite well, with the utmost care and attention. We get this question about the goats a lot, and that's our answer every time. While our goats live lavishly, there are millions of stray animals, like cats and dogs, that suffer through harsh conditions in countries like Nepal, that are in dire need of our help and support.

While our goats graze freely, enjoy medical attention and safe shelter, millions of innocent street animals suffer through extreme abuse, neglect, and are left to die in the worst conditions. Nepal is a country where animal rights are virtually nonexistent. Though we may not be able to make an impact at the policy level, we cannot stand by and do nothing. We proudly donate 5 percent of all profits to support the care of, sheltering, and medical treatments of animals in need. Every purchase helps us help animals that are homeless or have been abused get on the path to recovery. Our vision is to be able to establish shelters and proper veterinary services in all of the districts of Nepal.

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A Cashmere goat being combed nicely and gently as to make the BEST cashmere, even our cashmere goats must be kept in EXCELLENT condition, so that they produce the finest fibers that we then make into yarns

An Ancient Art dating back to 3000 BCE

For thousands of years, Nepali hand-woven textiles have never failed to impress connoisseurs of fine fiber.Nepalese craftmanship is most desired for the dexterity of Nepali artisans. Imperial Cashmere has been putting in meticulous work to keep this art and culture alive while delivering the lifestyle and quality that our customers are after for more than a decade now.

The Lost Art

Since our establishment,
Imperial cashmere has been a responsible brand. We are an economically and environmentally sustainable brand. We are a family-owned business who believes
in retaining highly skilled artisans.

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Respecting Mother Nature

Our production is registered as a member of the sustainable Fiber Alliance who promotes a global sustainability standard for Cashmere production and ensures that internationally traded cashmere is produced using sustainable practices. Our handbags are handmade from Nepali papers that is non–wood forest product (NWFP).

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A Customer Centric brand

We understand that when you
take your Credit card out of your wallet and click that check out button, you are hoping to get not only a quality product but also an extraordinary customer experience. After all, House of Imperial cashmere is a shopper too! And we certainly understand the risks involved in the online shopping experience. That is why we offer you a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on our products.