Imperial cashmere, keeping 'the lost art' alive and the community safe.

Since our establishment, Imperial cashmere has been a
responsible brand. We are an economically and environmentally sustainable

Celebrating the people behind the ART.

The house of Imperial Cashmere remains committed to retaining its highly skilled artisans by keeping them at the heart of our business. We pay and treat our workers well, which has helped us not only support the community but has also helped us keep the ‘lost tradition’ of handwoven cashmere alive.  

The trend is for Nepalese youth to fly abroad in search of better opportunities. This is ever increasing, leaving very few to carry on these skills. At the same time, mass production from machine knitting, common in cashmere made in China, imposes more challenges from cheaper competition to these traditional artisans. Cashmere is a delicate fiber, and it takes one artisan about 23 hours to complete the entire process from start to finish of hand knitting the cashmere. While it's up for debate whether machine knitted and hand knitted may have a vast difference in quality, handmade cashmere is made with more dedication and attention to delicate detail, resulting in a superior hand feeling.

A smiling Nepali Artisan Holding a neon green plain 100% cashmere handmade scarf

Saving a child from abuse

If the artisans are not paid well, not only are we facing the danger of losing this art but also their children might be forced to child labor because of their poor economic condition.

As of 2021, there are 1.1 million child laborers in Nepal. Their parents send them to work instead of school, just so the children can afford food for themselves. Children are subject to the worst forms of child labor, including commercial sexual exploitation and forced begging. The laws related to child trafficking are inadequate because it does not clearly criminalize recruitment, harboring, receipt, or transportation of force, fraud, or coercion, of children in illicit activities.

Because we care for tradition and are committed to our humanitarian values, we believe in giving a strong sense of financial security and creative freedom to our artisans and workers. That's why we don't compromise on price. But you'd be hard-pressed to find cashmere of this quality knitted with this care anywhere in the western world today.

An Ancient Art dating back to 3000 BCE

For thousands of years, Nepali hand-woven textiles have never failed to impress connoisseurs of fine fiber. Nepalese craftmanship is most desired for the dexterity of Nepali artisans. Imperial Cashmere has been putting in meticulous work to keep this art and culture alive while delivering the lifestyle and quality that our customers are after for more than a decade now.

A virtuous Brand

At Imperial Cashmere, we thrive to make the world a better place. This is the Founding Principal of Imperial Cashmere.

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Respecting Mother Nature

Our production is registered as a member of the sustainable Fiber Alliance who promotes a global sustainability standard for Cashmere production and ensures that internationally traded cashmere is produced using sustainable practices. Our handbags are handmade from Nepali papers that is non–wood forest product (NWFP).

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A Customer Centric brand

We understand that when you
take your Credit card out of your wallet and click that check out button, you are hoping to get not only a quality product but also an extraordinary customer experience. After all, House of Imperial cashmere is a shopper too! And we certainly understand the risks involved in the online shopping experience. That is why we offer you a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on our products.