celebrating traditional craftmanship from the 15th

Since 2011, Imperial cashmere has remained faithful to delivering the same quality ‘fabric of royals’ that impressed even Napoleon Bonaparte, who then presented it to the future empress Josephine. Our cashmere is handknitted by 2nd generation artisans who still follow the same knitting model that has been passed down to them by their ancestors.

We believe in delivering an art that impressed the Kings and Emperors from the 15th Century that made cashmere the most coveted fiber. And delivering such quality is almost impossible without our artisans that have been a part of our family since our establishment. Which is why our artisans have been at the heart of what we do. The art created by love, determination, creativity, and passion is what forges the uniqueness of Imperial cashmere.

Family-run, and socially responsible, we are committed to being the voice of the voiceless community by keeping the “lost art”, alive. We do so by treating the workers right, while reducing child labor, leaving less of a biodiversity footprint, supporting humanitarian causes, and advocating Animal rights in Nepal.

Queen Joséphine de Beauharnais- Future empress of Napolean Bonaparte and renowned fashionista, owned numerous examples and was one of the first ladies to own one of the exotic shawls brought back from Egypt by Bonaparte.

A brand that is committed to preserving the
culture and celebrates the artisans behind the product

Since our establishment,
Imperial cashmere has been a responsible brand. We are an economically and environmentally sustainable brand. We are a family-owned business who believes in retaining highly skilled artisans. Learn more

A brand that immensely respects Mother Nature

A cream colored gift bag that has imperial cashmere log in it. It is made sustainably without using forest wood products and these hand bags are Handmade made in Nepal

Our production is registered as a member of the sustainable Fiber Alliance who promotes a global sustainability standard for Cashmere production and ensures that internationally traded cashmere is produced using sustainable practices. Our handbags are handmade from Nepali papers that is non–wood forest product (NWFP). Learn More

At the house of Imperial Cashmere, we believe
in giving

At Imperial Cashmere, we thrive
to make the world a better place for everyone - not just us humans. To make the BEST cashmere, even our cashmere goats must be kept in EXCELLENT condition, so that they produce the finest fibers that we then make into yarns. So naturally, the goats are treated quite well, with the utmost care and attention. At the same time, millions of innocent street animals suffer through abuse, neglect, and are left to die in terrible conditions. Imperial Cashmere proudly donates 5 percent of all profits to support the care of animals in need. Learn more

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Our world revolves around our customers.

At Imperial Cashmere, we understand how valuable your time, money and most importantly trust is. It means the world to us when our customers put their trust in the quality of our products and support our cause.
That is why we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products, we will cover the shipping cost of your return - No questions asked. We not only make it a riskless transaction for you but also strive
to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.  Learn more

A smiling women returning the customer her money back after returning the product

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