Cashmere: The Capsule Closet Hero

Cashmere: The Capsule Closet Hero

“Capsule closet” is one of the biggest buzzwords in fashion. You can’t pick up a copy of Vogue or scroll through a fashion blog without someone mentioning this modern phenomenon. In an age of fast fashion, the capsule closet is a minimalist’s dream.

The purpose of the capsule closet is designed to maximize cost per wear and promote quality over quantity. Cashmere ticks all the boxes. Every list of capsule closet essentials will mention at least one cashmere piece, whether it’s a sweater or a luxurious cashmere shawl.

For us, cashmere is a capsule closet hero. We’re deep diving into the world of capsule closets and cashmere to help you build a closet that will allow you to transition seamlessly from one season to the next.

What is a Capsule Closet?

Capsule closets first entered the public mainstream in the mid-2010s, just as fashion blogging and influencers were starting to dominate the industry. Caroline Rector used her blog ‘Unfancy’ to document her journey of narrowing her closet down to less than 40 pieces. It quickly went viral, and the capsule closet philosophy was born.

While there are no hard or fast rules around capsule closets, they all serve the same purpose. They exist to reduce your closet to a small number of signature pieces you can mix and match for any occasion. A capsule closet helps to lower your carbon footprint, allows you to become more sustainable, and invest in high-quality garments instead of buying fast fashion.

We’re breaking down the steps to starting your capsule closet and how to get the most out of this minimalistic philosophy.

How to start a capsule closet:

  1. Avoid choosing a solid number but aim for under 50 pieces

It’s easy to think that you need to choose a strict number for your capsule closet. Limiting your closet like this can make you feel restricted. It’s best to give yourself some wriggle room. Most capsule closets will fall under 50 pieces, allowing you to fluctuate your closet throughout the seasons.

  1. Start by clearing out your closet

Before you can start downsizing your closet, you need to clear it out. The Marie Kondo method is one of the most popular ways of organizing any closet. Choose clothing that sparks joy, fits your personality, and is in a wearable condition. Set aside clothes you’re planning to keep, such as cashmere gloves and your favorite jeans.

Your capsule closet will naturally evolve with time, so don’t feel like you have to dive in at the deep end.

  1. Keep it interesting

The key to curating a capsule closet is to stay open-minded and optimistic. Keep it interesting by using your capsule closet as a way of exploring your fashion sense. Having a capsule closet requires you to look at every piece you own and determine whether it’s really your style. We’re all guilty of keeping clothes that don’t fit or that we haven’t worn for years. With a capsule closet, you’ll love and wear every piece you own.

  1. Take a break

Rome wasn’t built in a day – nor was a capsule closet. Take it slowly but surely. Building a capsule closet doesn’t mean that you can’t buy new clothes. You might use it as an opportunity to re-sell old clothes and put the money towards high-quality pieces, like a new cashmere sweater.

  1. Do a ‘soft launch’ first

It’s easy to find the idea of a capsule closet daunting. Before you commit to donating or selling most of your closet, do a trial run. Clear out your closet and choose 40-50 pieces that you love. Spend a month wearing only these pieces and see if you can survive with a capsule closet.

If a month is too long, spend 10 days with 10 pieces. You’ll be surprised how many outfits you can make with a cashmere sweater, denim jeans, a few skirts, and your favorite blazer.

  1. Build a closet that fits your lifestyle

Our lifestyles change with time. Our closets should do the same. You want to be honest about the purpose that your closet serves.

If you work from home, your closet will look different than someone who works full-time in an office. If you’re always jetting off on vacation, your closet won’t be the same as a home bird.

Take a look at every piece in your capsule closet and ask if it fits your lifestyle.

Why Cashmere is a Capsule Closet Staple

Your capsule closet needs to work for every season. That’s where cashmere comes in. As a natural fiber, it’s unique in its ability to regulate your body temperature to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Following our ‘how to care for cashmere’ guide can help your favorite cashmere sweaters and shawls stand the test of time.

A ring cashmere scarf can be styled with denim jeans or as part of a business casual suit. It’s best to build your capsule closet around neutral shades in high-quality fabrics that are easy to maintain. While your cashmere will need a little TLC once a season, it’ll stay looking new for years to come.

The beauty of cashmere is that it gets softer with time and is gentle against your skin. It’s a natural fiber suitable for even the most sensitive skin. You layer a cashmere jumper over a button-up shirt or drape a cashmere shawl over a little black dress. There are endless styling options for cashmere.

How Imperial Cashmere is Different

Most people choose to build a capsule closet to become more sustainable. It’s where our cashmere excels. At Imperial Cashmere, we’re committed to creating a more sustainable fashion industry with our eco-friendly cashmere. We create our cashmere scarves and shawls using rare fibers of the Albas White mountain goats.

Our classic designs are brought to life by talented artisans using traditional methods handed down through the generations. We’re taking active steps to protect the tradition of cashmere artisanship by using the most sustainable methods possible.

Start building your capsule closet today with our sustainable cashmere by shopping our newest arrivals here.

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