How to Shrink Cashmere Beanie?

shrunk cashmere beanie

Wondering how you can shrink you cashmere beanie?

Hmmm… Why would you want to shrink a 100% AAA grade cashmere beanie? And if you’re in a situation where your cashmere beanie is supposed to shrink to fit onto your perfectly sized head then, well… sorry to break your heart BUT…. IT AIN’T REAL CASHMERE DARLIN! You might as well shop for another beanie because the wool that you have your hands on is only going to get looser and looser from here…

However, there are a couple of different things you can try to shrink your cashmere. First, dump that fake cashmere in your garbage. Second, search for a 100% grade AAA cashmere, and invest in it so that you don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars in the quest of “trying to save money”

See, buying a $50ish fake cashmere made of polyester and expecting it to last you longer is like sowing dandelion seeds and expecting apples and avocados to grow from it. It doesn’t work that way. 

The truth is, that real, high quality cashmere lasts longer, won’t fall apart, and it won’t shrink - it will naturally return to its original shape.

If you bought a legitimate 100% Grade AAA cashmere beanie that is too big in size for you, look at the seller’s return policy, and they will probably do an exchange if you’re still within the return and exchange window. Maybe try emailing the seller and see if they will take it, given you have them in mint condition and you haven’t run it in the dryer in the hopes of making it one size smaller. 

Coming from a country where knitting cashmere wool is a tradition which has been passed on for generations, I can affirm that genuine 100% AAA grade cashmere doesn't shrink or get loose on you! This diamond fiber is here to last. Therefore, consider investing into one and save yourself money and time by not having to buy it over and over again and google for articles like mine. 

To sum it all up, you won’t need to shrink your cashmere beanie if it’s genuine 100% AAA grade cashmere. Real cashmere DOESN’T SHRINK!! It will return to it’s original shape through regular use.

Hope I made reading this post worth your while. 

President and CEO, Imperial Cashmere

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