Is cashmere good for a beanie?

a collage containing 5 pictures from left to right: a blue frayed scarf on white drywall, the hands of a skilled artisan threading the edges of a scarf, a worker diligently steam ironing cashmere, a stack of cashmere beanies, and a display of bright warm colored cashmere scarves

Want to stay warm but worried about your hair staying flat when you take off your beanies or hats?

While there are other steps you can take to avoid hat-hair, like using oil, making sure your hair is hydrated, and using an ionic hair dryer, putting on a rough fabric like wool can cause more hair damage rather than help.

That is why many celebrity hair stylists choose fabrics like cashmere or silk for their hair. But when it comes to warmth, silk doesn’t really have you covered. That is why many who care about style, luxury, and warmth choose cashmere beanies over any other beanies. Cashmere beanies help not only to avoid hat hair, but also protect your hair cuticles from damaging.

Since clothes affect what others think of you, if you are looking to make a great first impression on someone, Cashmere beanies, easily beat any other fabrics out there. There’s a reason cashmere is often referred to as the diamond fiber.

You constantly send out silent messages with what you wear. Imagine, going on a first date, looking all nice and classy but having your second date be a nightmare because you didn’t leave the same impression you left on the first date. Having two to three pairs of cashmere beanies for winter certainly helps you keep up with your first impression. Not only that, adding cashmere to your wardrobe says a lot about your personality in general. It says that you are selective, stylish, and you won’t settle for anything less in life. 

Cashmere is a luxury fiber as it is so rare and the most delicate fiber. High-quality cashmere beanies are quite an investment, but it is certainly worth it as it lasts forever, given that you take great care of it.

 If you are all about lasting fashion, versatility, and want to leave less biodiversity footprint behind, buying a Grade AAA cashmere beanie is certainly worth more than buying a fake cashmere or cheap quality cashmere. For it not only saves you money from buying low quality cashmere beanies multiple times, but also you will be leaving a better world for your future generations.

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