The Art of Layering Cashmere

The Art of Layering Cashmere

Cashmere is a capsule closet staple. The lightweight natural fiber means you can wear it all year long. Style solo in the warmer months or layer up on colder days to get the most out of your signature cashmere. At Imperial Cashmere, our felted cashmere scarves are amongst our favorite pieces for layering.

Learning how to layer cashmere can help make your closet more sustainable and works for every season. It’s not just autumn and winter that you need to layer up. When the temperatures start to drop on a summer evening, you’ll want to start layering. It’s a styling tip that everyone should know.

Layering is a styling technique that can often feel intimidating. Doing it wrong can leave you feeling uncomfortable and looking like you’ve grabbed the first things in the closet.

When it’s done right, layering can help you get the most from your favorite pieces and keep you looking stylish in any weather. Cashmere is ideal for layering as the lightweight fabric doesn’t create a bulky appearance when worn with other garments.

At Imperial Cashmere, we believe that luxury and quality never go out of style. Curating your closet around signature pieces will allow you to create outfits that will stand the test of time. Our cashmere garments use rare fibers from the Albas white mountain goats of Inner Mongolia using ecologically beneficial techniques.

Our styling guide shares everything you need to know about mastering the art of layering cashmere.

Layering as a Sustainability Trick

At Imperial Cashmere, sustainability is a mission close to our hearts. We strive to keep our carbon footprint low and promote the sustainable manufacture of cashmere. Our favorite cashmere garments will last the test of time and help your closet become more environmentally friendly.

It’s easy to think that colder weather means we need more clothes. Instead, all we need is the right fabrics. Cashmere is unique as a natural fiber that is breathable but also an ideal insulator.

When you master the art of layering cashmere, you can keep your closet curated and compact. A capsule closet is more environmentally friendly and turns your clothes into a long-term investment. If you want to get the best ‘cost per wear’ from your cashmere, look no further than layering.

How to Layer a Cashmere Scarf

A cashmere scarf is a perfect investment in any closet. It’s a garment you can easily mix and match with almost anything – from leather jackets to layering over vests.

You have two options when layering a cashmere scarf. For milder weather, we recommend starting with a casual base layer. This technique means you can stay warm without distracting away from your cashmere scarf.

The base garment is the first layer that you put on when layering. Cashmere is also an ideal base layer due to the softness of the fabric. As a hypoallergenic fiber, cashmere is gentle against your skin. If you suffer from skin irritation, wearing cashmere as a base layer can allow you to wear other fabrics that aren’t hypoallergenic on top.

One of the most important tips for using cashmere as a base layer is to ensure your garment has a slim fit. While it doesn’t need to cling to your skin, it shouldn’t be too oversized. Your base layer should have the slimmest silhouette to prevent bumps or uneven textures between your layers.

The breathable nature of cashmere means you can easily layer up with a trench coat or jacket without overheating. If you want to keep your outfit traditional, a cashmere or lightweight cardigan will transition your scarf through every season. It’s an ideal working-from-home outfit and can be styled with jeans or dress trousers.

Using Layers to Accentuate Your Style

Do you want to add personality to your outfit? Even the most minimalistic of outfits can be given a more unique twist. After choosing your base layer, use your top layer to highlight a specific part of your outfit. It might be a jacket with a contrasting trim or a cardigan with a pop of color.

Layering can also allow you to create illusions. A shorter top layer can emphasize the length of your silhouette, while a longer layer can help accentuate your waste. Oversized layers can help balance out slimmer aspects of your look, such as a pencil skirt or leather pants.

One of our favorite ways to layer up with a cashmere sweater is to experiment with different textures. Cashmere and denim go hand in hand as two timeless classics. Our brown felted shawl over a denim jacket can give your outfit a bohemian twist. If you’re keeping your look elevated, experiment with silk or satin.

Layering with a Cashmere Scarf

The quickest way to layer up any outfit is with a cashmere scarf. Our lightweight cashmere scarves are the perfect travel companion to add to your work bag or backpack to take on the go. They instantly elevate any outfit and help you stay warm as the temperatures drop. It’s one practical accessory that we never leave the house.

Our cashmere shawls are an all-in-one that you can layer as a wrap or style as a scarf. Whether you’re commuting or battling against changing weather conditions, a cashmere shawl is the perfect signature accessory.

Cashmere is the essence of everyday luxury. Learning how to layer your favorite cashmere pieces can take trial and error. These closet staples will take you effortlessly from one season to the next.

Investing in a cashmere sweater or scarf is a simple way to add timeless elegance and glamour to your closet. Find your signature piece and wear it every season with our styling tips and tricks. Start mastering the art of layering cashmere by exploring our new arrivals here.

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