What makes a good, high quality beanie?

a 4 photo collage including: hands working delicately on cutting the edge of a cashmere fabric, a smiling girl enjoying a cashmere scarf wrapped around her head and neck, a woman cashmere producer proudly standing with arms crossed in the middle of the factory floor, a close-up of cashmere threads being fed through a loom

What are some good/high quality beanies?

Imagine, freezing cold air breezing through your ears and not having a nice cap to keep you warm? I would not leave my room at any cost, knowing that I am going to feel like my head is in a refrigerator. Not only that, but cold air also makes your hair dry, flat, and brittle. Obviously, I don’t want that, and I don’t think anyone else wants it either.

When it comes to being stylish, cool, comfy and COZY in winter, adding beanies to your wardrobe is not only a smart idea but is also a must have winter accessory. Yes, you need to stay warm and cozy but also look ultra-chic and most importantly FEEL GOOD.

I researched enormous amounts of beanies. I looked at their material, durability, what it does to your hair, skin, skull, personality…impression, everything you can think of.  And here are my top three choices:

  1. Cashmere beanie
  2. Cashmere beanie and
  3. Cashmere beanie

3 cashmere beanies stacked in colors cork, burnt sienna, and baltic

Yes! CASHMERE BEANIES. While it is not cheap obviously for it is a luxury... there are more reasons you should consider investing on a classis reversible 100% cashmere beanies and this is how it saves your money:


  1. Versatility: Reversible beanies have two colors on it so you can match the color with your outfit, mix and match the colors, and basically be creative with it. You can cuff it or uncuff it..do what you like and whenever you like!


  1. Durability: Cashmere beanies are designed to last longer, which means, rather spending $45-$50 on 10 different low-quality fiber, you could make it a one-time investment that not only saves you money but also keeps your hair from having hat hair and protects your hair cuticles from getting damaged.


  1. Luxury: Needless to say! Cashmere is a luxury and when you flaunt that cashmere beanies…it speaks silently about who you are and what your personality is.


  1. Warmth: while the wool will keep you warm, it is rough and harmful for your scalp and hair in general. Cashmere beanies not only protects you from having hair damage it protects you from freezing to death while still being lean and clean!


  1. Lasting fashion: Yes! Buying a cashmere beanie is a way to make an impact in the world you live in, and your future generations will too!! When you choose lasting fashion over fast fashion, the cost of saving the environment is nowhere closer to what you invest in!


  1. Softness: A real cashmere beanie will not only feel soft as you put it on others too can literally and by literally, I mean LITERALLY see the softness and feel how warm and comfortable you are! so if you are planning to make that GOOOOODD first impression…consider something classy and cozy for your wardrobe.


I can go on and on why you should invest in 100% reversible cashmere beanies but don’t take my ork for it... Try it for yourself!

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