How to Wear Cashmere in Summer

How to Wear Cashmere in Summer

It’s a common misconception that cashmere is a winter fabric. While wool is a fiber you’ll reach for in the coldest months of the year, cashmere can be worn 365 days a year. There’s never a time when you can’t wear cashmere as part of your everyday style. Cashmere is a lightweight and hypoallerginic fabric that is ideal for summer. It’s a breathable fabric that will take you from the airport to the beach.

Cashmere is a fabric you can wear all summer long. At Imperial Cashmere, we believe in investing in high-quality garments that will stand the test of time. Our cashmere sweaters are made using rare fibers of the Albas white mountain goats and brought to life by talented artisans using traditional methods handed down through the generations.

Cashmere’s unique thermoregulatory properties mean that you can wear it for every season. We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to style cashmere during summer and how you can get the most out of your signature cashmere pieces.

Can you wear cashmere in summer?

You can wear cashmere all summer long. It’s one of the few fabrics that you can wear at any time of the year. As a breathable fabric, cashmere is soft against your skin and will keep you cool throughout the hottest days of the year. Cashmere is a great addition to your summer wardrobe and works for any occasion.

As cashmere can be an insulating fabric, most people think that they can only wear it in autumn and winter. While cashmere is ideal for layering, it’s just as versatile for warmer climates.

What makes cashmere wearable for the summer months is its lightweight – especially compared to wool. As an airy fabric, it allows your skin to breathe. Cashmere is therefore comparable to merino wool but with the added versatility of being lightweight.

If you’re planning to wear your cashmere in summer, look for garments with thinner silhouettes. It’s best to avoid thick weaves and choose a ring scarf. As a natural fiber, cashmere helps regulate your body’s temperature to let your skin breathe in the heat.

Before you start wearing your cashmere for summer, treat your current pieces to a little TLC. Our guide on how to care for cashmere recommends that you have your cashmere professionally cleaned 2-3 times a year, ideally before the start of a new season.

What cashmere to wear during summer

Cashmere is a natural fiber that you can wear in any season due to its breathability. It helps to keep you cool in the summer while acting as an insulator in winter. Cashmere is an all-in-one fabric that will never go out of style.

So, what cashmere should you have in your summer closet? A cashmere scarf is one of the most versatile investment pieces for any closet. Whether you’re spending summer at the beach or exploring the great outdoors, a cashmere scarf will take you anywhere.

It’s the ultimate travel companion that you can use as a blanket, scarf, or drape over your shoulders as a shawl. You’ll find our favorite cashmere scarves at the top of every vacation packing list.

Summer weather isn’t always sunshine and heat waves. A felted cashmere shawl will add a transitional staple to your closet. Its versatility means you can style it with anything from tank tops and denim jeans to a sundress. Investing in high-quality cashmere garments can help you curate a capsule closet that works for any season.

If you’re hoping to become more sustainable and eco-friendlier, cashmere is your closet’s best friend. It’s a fabric that becomes softer with time and can last you for years. Swapping fast fashion for cashmere will elevate your closet and give you a better ‘cost per wear’.

How to wear cashmere in summer

Don’t underestimate the versatility of cashmere as a summer staple. We never leave home without a cashmere scarf – even in summer! If you’re jetting off on vacation, cashmere can be your secret weapon for creating elevated outfits.

A ring cashmere shawl can double as a coverup to wear over your swimsuit while at the pool or as a minimalistic ravel outfit. Choose your shawl in a lighter weight for extra comfort and breathability.

Cashmere is ideal for summer as it’s lightweight and can help protect your skin from the sun. A loose garment in a breathable fabric is the best thing to wear during summer to prevent sunburns and stay cool. Cashmere ticks all these boxes and more.

Instead of wearing a tank top or t-shirt, a cashmere sweater can give you an elevated look. Cashmere will add a touch of elegance to even the most casual outfit.

Summer brings with it wedding and event season. Cashmere is an ideal accessory to pull together any formal look. A cashmere shawl is a simple way to transition your outfit from day to night as an alternative to a coat or jacket.

A handwoven cashmere shawl with an intricate design can add a touch of personality to even the simplest little black dress. This elegant accessory is easy to fold up and carry with your evening bag. Our collection of cashmere shawls includes a range of neutral shades with pops of color.

Adding cashmere to your summer closet

At Imperial Cashmere, our cashmere is designed to take you effortlessly from one season to the next. We believe that luxury never goes out of style. Our signature cashmere sweaters are inspired by the Nepali culture and the long tradition of artisan cashmere making. 

A cashmere shawl makes an ideal addition to your summer closet as it will help to elevate any outfit and offer an extra layer of protection from the sun. Whether you’re styling it with denim shorts or a glamorous swimsuit, cashmere will be right at home in your summer closet.

Whatever your summer plans include, explore them in style with cashmere. Incorporate cashmere into your summer closet by discovering our newest arrivals here.

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