Blue 100% Cashmere Felted Shawl hanging on a wooden dowel rod wrapped in twine on both ends #color_blue
Blue 100% Cashmere Felted Shawl hanging on a wooden dowel rod wrapped in twine on both ends #color_blue
Blue 100% Cashmere Felted Shawl draped over a white-painted wooden chair with white wall background on dark brown wood floor#color_blue
Close-up of Blue 100% Cashmere Felted Shawl#color_blue
100% Cashmere Blue Felted Shawl
Blue 100% Cashmere Felted Shawl draped like a curtain over a white artistically-placed sheet of drywall#color_blue
Trust and Loyalty

This shade is a combination of dark blue and white symbolizing luxury, sophistication, depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. Color Blue is known to have produced chemicals in your body that are calming and releases feelings of tranquility. A preferred color for corporate America, you will never go wrong when blue is paired with off-white, beige or cream, pale peach, rust red or brown, muted yellow, and gold tones.

100% Cashmere Blue Felted Shawl

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Handmade 100% Cashmere Scarf

Felted shawls are our signature product. They’re lightweight, fluffy, with the feeling of volume. If you’re looking for something that keeps you warm without weighing you down, Felted cashmere is the ONE!

These scarves are naturally insulating, keeping you cool during hot hours, and warm during cold.

 Handmade in Nepal

Designed by Imperial Cashmere

Measures 125x200cm | 15.5 Microns in diameter, this is a Grade AAA cashmere.

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Dry clean


Handwash it using any baby shampoo and air dry in shade. Finally, steam iron to retain the shape.



All of our items are handmade by traditional artisan knitters in Nepal. We leverage centuries of knitting tradition to handknit each piece of Imperial Cashmere apparel with heart and dedication.

Luxury you can feel

It can be hard to find genuine and high quality cashmere. Luckily for you, we stumbled upon a cooperative of official cashmere producers who guarantee the highest standard, lab-tested and certified quality of cashmere. That means we bring you only the finest cashmere in the world through our exclusive collection of cashmere knitwear

Why cashmere?

We love cashmere! It's soft, warm, and cozy. It's a very rare and delicate fabric. And the community around cashmere in Nepal is built around doing what's good for people, animals, and the environment.



Just what i needed to complete my fall and spring wardrobe. Glorious!

Lara Vincent
Seattle, WA

Super soft and super stylish! A+

Essma Subedi
Chicago, IL

I've been BINGING on bright and colorful scarves, and these are soon becoming my favorite

Barbara Foster
Austin, TX

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