100% Cashmere Red Felted Shawl
100% Cashmere Red Felted Shawl
100% Cashmere Red Felted Shawl
100% Cashmere Red Felted Shawl
100% Cashmere Red Felted Shawl
Seduction and power!

Red has been the color of Power and Persuasion. Researchers at University of Rochester found that red makes men feel more attracted toward women. And guess what? men are unaware of the role the color plays in attraction. Red can also give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in willpower. colors that go well with red clothes are black, gray, brown, blue, yellow, and green…. Choose how you want to flaunt your courage and passion.

100% Cashmere Red Felted Shawl

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  • Red Cashmere Felted Shawl
  • 125x200cm
  • 100% Cashmere
  • 110g
  • Dry clean

Made of pure cashmere, this felted shawl is warm, cozy, and attractive.

Felted shawls are our signature product. They’re lightweight, fluffy, with the feeling of volume

Here are seven interesting facts about this felted shawl:

  1. This shawl is 100% Pure Luxurious Cashmere
  2. Uniquely handmade by traditional Nepali artisans
  3. The felted fabric is as durable as they come & sustainably manufactured
  4. Our cashmere threads average 15.5 microns in diameter so you know you’re investing only in the highest quality cashmere that lasts longer
  5. The super soft, rare fibers used to craft the shawl require a certain elevation and extreme climate to originate from underhair of cashmere goats
  6. A goat can only produce 150g of cashmere a year
  7. The raw materials for this shawl were combed from the high-quality, precious Albas White Goat, located in Albas Region, Inner Mongolia

     Hey, what about those apples? Maybe now, you can see why this felted cashmere shawl is such a honey. There are many benefits to owning a shawl like this. Here are five of the main ones:

  1. This shawl is incredibly soft, warm, and lustrous.
  2. Attractive and cozy
  3. Our cashmere is the highest quality, fit for a lady (it’s combed, treated gently, and handled with care)
  4. It’s lightweight, and fluffy...
  5. With a combination of richness and bulkiness

We pride ourselves on sourcing high quality cashmere that stands the test of time... because we wouldn't settle for less. The artisans who hand-weaved each elegant piece of cashmere for you own a weaving machine... but they don't use it. They celebrate the tradition of their Nepalese heritage of handwoven cashmere.

Our cashmere is rare, like you. Handwoven for you, this cashmere scarf is art. Truly an evergreen piece you must have in your wardrobe. We hope you'll enjoy wearing it as much as we've enjoyed delivering it to you.

Claim yours while supplies last.

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Dry clean


Handwash it using any baby shampoo and air dry in shade. Finally, steam iron to retain the shape.



All of our items are handmade by traditional artisan knitters in Nepal. We leverage centuries of knitting tradition to handknit each piece of Imperial Cashmere apparel with heart and dedication.

Luxury you can feel

It can be hard to find genuine and high quality cashmere. Luckily for you, we stumbled upon a cooperative of official cashmere producers who guarantee the highest standard, lab-tested and certified quality of cashmere. That means we bring you only the finest cashmere in the world through our exclusive collection of cashmere knitwear

Why cashmere?

We love cashmere! It's soft, warm, and cozy. It's a very rare and delicate fabric. And the community around cashmere in Nepal is built around doing what's good for people, animals, and the environment.



Just what i needed to complete my fall and spring wardrobe. Glorious!

Lara Vincent
Seattle, WA

Super soft and super stylish! A+

Essma Subedi
Chicago, IL

I've been BINGING on bright and colorful scarves, and these are soon becoming my favorite

Barbara Foster
Austin, TX

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